Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Companies in India

       August 7, 2023

Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Companies in India

Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Companies in India

The B2B industry is invested in lead generation and all the sales that happens in this space is primarily due to lead generation. But, is there a standard lead generation formula? Unfortunately, no. lead generation is one facet of the B2B business that no one really has mastered.

There is no standard template, there is no standard approach, and there is no one size fits all kind of scenario. Each business or marketer has his own approach and something that works for you might for work for some one else. Having said that, maybe B2B lead generation is not easy, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Before we get into seeing who are the top 5 B2B lead generation companies in India, let us quickly look into some B2B lead generation strategies

B2B lead generation strategies

B2B lead generation strategies

What exactly is B2B lead generation? Simply put, the process of reaching a potential client, and influencing them to buy your product or services is called lead generation.

The process of lead generation in current times involves multiple activities such as; Social media outreach, Email marketing, Content marketing, paid advertising, events, cold calling and SEO.

What makes B2B leads generation important? Your company’s sales and marketing teams won’t have anything to work on if there are no leads in the sales pipeline, isn’t it? How will your business survive if there are no conversions? Or no new customers? Exactly! So, B2B lead generation is extremely essential to keep your business running.

Now let’s briefly understand the lead generation strategies which are commonly followed by all B2B marketers.

Recognize your audience: Understand the buyer persona and identify their pain points and prospect them based on that.

Develop a strategy based on prospective customer: As mentioned earlier, there is no one size fits all approach here. So, work with social media, content marketing or any other form of activity to reach your client.

Use campaigns that excel: You have competitors, right? Well, then drive content which is unique and is better than your competitors.

Implement A/B trials: Find what works for you by, experimenting with formats, be it email campaigns, content etc. see what works and stick with it.

Focus on reviews & surveys: A good review attracts a new customer and a good survey will help you understand what your customer wants, so get these things up and running

Your website is your honey trap: Make sure that your landing page, or the website has interactive content and grabs people’s attention

Leverage social selling: B2B companies should take advantage of social media. Post, interact and make your company appealing on social platforms.

Don’t miss out of video content: People love watching videos, both long form and short form, so make use of that to engage with a new breed of customers.

SEO works, use it: Optimize your company content and website and put your business ahead of competition and in front of thousands of buyers.

Get Referrals: An existing customer is a great form of advertising, consumers trust recommendations, get recommendations and referrals from your customers

So, that’s all about lead generation strategies now, if you don’t have the time or the inclination to work on building your own B2B lead generation strategy and implement it, then let’s look at the top B2B lead generation companies who can make your life easier.

Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Companies in India

 Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Companies in India

1. Point to Business Services

P2B Services as it is commonly known, is one of India’s leading B2B lead generation companies. With affordable and tailored data solutions and lead generation services, they enable new customer acquisition for multiple industries from across the world. The company helps with B2B databases, running your B2B lead generation campaigns and also helps with strategizing your marketing campaigns.

The company offers, B2B Leads, B2B Mailing List, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Demand Generation, and Event Solutions. Some of their ad hoc services are as follows; Database management services, digital marketing, email marketing, data appending, data de-duping, data cleansing, email campaign services, Lead Generation, Website Development, and Mobile Application Development.



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They have customized email lists on offer as well, such as B2B industry email list, C-suite email list, professional email lists, technology users email list etc. If you are looking for a well rounded and structured approach to defining your B2B lead generation campaign then this is the company for you.

2. Leadzen

Leadzen – This is a company which provides lead generation software and which helps in the process of automation. They collect leads from across the internet and make it available to users. Although it is a great way of generating B2B leads, the process is run by you and still involves your own resources and efforts.

3. SalesAladin

SalesAladin is a Ghaziabad based B2B lead generation company which has been popular for offering B2B lead services. They offer prospecting on multiple channels and generate qualified leads for your business.

4. LeadNXT

LeadNXT – This company has a variety of solutions such as effective leads generation, platform for unified communication and management and tracking of new sales opportunities. They offer b2B lead solutions to help your entire business process.

5. UpGrowth

UpGrowth - As the name suggests, the company is a growth focused entity. They offer data-driven marketing solutions and creative campaigns that drive customer acquisition and engagement.

Final Thoughts!

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B2B lead generation is not as expensive as it used to be, and reaching out to a reputed B2B lead generation company can help you in managing your time and cost. Outsourcing this activity to one of the above-mentioned companies will greatly help you with enhancing your marketing and sales efforts. The time that it might take you to identify your prospective client, building a buyer persona and all the related processes will hamper your seamless operational ability. The easiest option available is reaching out to these top B2B lead generation companies in India and getting right ahead in your customer acquisition game.