Data Appending Services

Data optimization is an essential component of the services we offer at P2B services. Simply described, data appending is the adding of prospect data to an existing, incomplete prospect record. For example, if you have a database of customer phone numbers and want to reach them via email, data appending is great for you.

Improve Your Data. Improve Your Results.

Data enhancement is designed to augment the scope of your data and allows you to

  Build a comprehensive database of customer and prospect information.
  Gain a better understanding of who your customers are
  Enhance your marketing capacity by allowing you to campaign through multiple marketing channels

We place a host of data appending services at your disposal including,

Email and Reverse Email Appending

Enter the online market with email appending and get a clean, permission-based list of email addresses with the highest possible match rates! If all you have to start with is a list of email addresses, we'll reverse the appending process and give personalised information fields.

Phone and Reverse Phone Appending

When you only have email addresses or names, you can use our phone appending services to create an immediate two-way marketing channel. We can repeat the process to append email and postal addresses to any email record you have.


If you're doing B2B marketing, we can add contact names, titles, SIC codes, phone/fax numbers, sales volume, office type, firm size, number of employees, and so on to your records.


Target specific customer markets with highly relevant information such as occupation, house value, marital status, number of children, income, ethnicity, and even specialist information such as internet connectivity!


The National Change of Address database contains the addresses of people and businesses who have moved during the last four years. Reduce direct marketing expenditures by ensuring that your database is devoid of outdated information.