How to Use the 5 Senses to Increase Sales in Retail Industry

       January 3, 2024

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Have you ever left a store with more items than you intended to buy? Congratulations, you were probably impacted by the store's merchandising strategy! Take Target, for example. It's not the fanciest store, but their merchandising is magic. By making the product the star, they engage each of the customer's five senses. You can do the same with your product. Make it the star and engage your customers!

1. Hearing: Audio Architecture

Is your store not getting enough sales? Music can help! It does more than just entertain shoppers; it provides a background that encourages them to stay longer and buy more. According to research, disco is the sound of money. Shoppers of all ages smile when they hear it. So why not give your store a psychological lift with some groovy tunes?

2. Taste: The Flavor of Success

Food is a powerful tool for retailers to attract shoppers and increase sales. Grocery stores know this well, and that's why they offer tempting feasts in their aisles. Not only does it encourage customers to try new products, but it also keeps them in the store longer. At the end of the day, it's clear that food is good for business!



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3. Smell: Aromatherapy and Aromacology

Did you know that pleasant smells can positively impact shopping behavior? Research shows that good scents have the power to evoke memories and influence our moods. This is where Aromacology comes in. Aromacology is the science of scents and their effect on our minds. For example, grapefruit scent can energize shoppers, vanilla can calm them, pine can inspire positive feelings, and cinnamon is said to attract money. Retailers put out the potpourri or purchase scent diffusers to enhance store's atmosphere and improve the shopping experience for their customers.

4. Touch: Please Play with the Merchandise

Transform your store into a fun and interactive experience with these simple tips! Make sure your displays invite customers to play by creating tabletop displays and adding small displays throughout the store with open products. Encourage your store associates to carry around an 'Item of the Day' and show it off to customers, inviting them to look or try it out. Let's make shopping more than just a place to buy stuff!

5. Sight: Visual Merchandising

Did you know that much of what happens on your sales floor is visual? In fact, all that wonderful merchandise is eye candy to a shopper. But simply placing products on your shelves and hoping they sell isn't enough. That's where Visual Merchandising comes in. By utilizing effective techniques, you can ensure that your products not only sell, but also make a lasting impression on your customers. Don't leave your sales to chance, master the art of Visual Merchandising today.

Make a Vertical Move

When setting up an end feature display, it's important to consider how to merchandise your product effectively. Should you go for a horizontal or a vertical presentation? While the former can limit the number of items a shopper sees, the latter can expose them to a greater variety of your assortment at any eye level. By displaying your products vertically, shoppers are encouraged to see your entire selection, regardless of which shelf they choose to gaze upon. Remember, we read from left to right, so make sure to make the most of this natural inclination.

Small Left, Large Right

Improve your sales with a simple trick! Display the smaller size of your product on the left and the larger size on the right. Most customers are right-handed and will unconsciously reach for the item closest to their right hand. Try this technique in your store and see how it can boost your sales!

Find the Hot Spot

Did you know that every fixture has a 'Hot Spot'? This is the area that sells the best and it's usually located at the center of a product category or display. By drawing an imaginary cross through the center of the fixture, you can locate the Hot Spot easily. And for even more impact, position your merchandise just to the right of the center - this is called the 'Hot Spot and One to the Right' technique. Try it out to ensure your important merchandise doesn't get missed by your customers.

Throw them a Curve

How to Use the 5 Senses to Increase Sales in Retail Industry

Increase your shopper's "Strike Zone" with Visual Curve Merchandising! Displaying products on slanted shelves increases the amount of product a shopper sees in just one glance. Try using inexpensive plastic "fencing" to hold the product in place and watch presentation and sales soar! Engage shoppers and create a unique in-store experience.

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