COVID-19 Effects On Small Businesses & How To Overcome

October 7, 2022

COVID-19 Effects On Small Businesses & How To Overcome

COVID-19 serious implications not only impacting people's health but also significantly affecting the small and medium scale businesses. It has a bad effect on the World's economy. People all over the world are facing this uncertain and pandemic situation. It caused much uncertainty, ceased the cash flow in the market, especially for small businesses

The main three categories which got most affected are personal, service, hospitality, and retail. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, these types of businesses were the first who have to close their work. As smaller the company, the harder the hit because a company with less than 20 employees always lacks cash flow and capital. It is not possible to continue for small businesses who provide hands-on services such as beauty salons, spas, repair contractors, medical offices, etc.

Coronavirus disease 2019 is a respiratory disease that can spread from person to person. It spreads through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or who are in close contact within about 6 feet

Solutions to Overcome COVID-19 Effects:

Now it is the time to find solutions to overcome Coronavirus effects on our life. There will be a new normal, where people will start to do business in new ways. Here below we have mentioned some different ways as solutions, have a look below

CARES ACT financial relief for small businesses:

The CARES act( Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act) was signed into law in the US due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides financial relief to businesses facing hardship and made temporary changes to some loan programs such as PPP and EIDL

Payment Protection Program (PPP)

It is considered to provide relief to small businesses. It makes eligible small businesses to cover payroll and other operational costs by providing up to 659 billion dollars in partial or full forgivable loans from February 15, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

The Economic Injury Disaster Loan(EIDL):

COVID-19 crisis can get working capital loans through EIDL. It provides low -interest loans to small businesses to pay payroll and certain operating costs. Based on the borrower's actual economic injury and financial need, loans of up to 2 million dollars are available and are not forgivable

Main Street Lending

Main Street New Loan Facility: Borrowers can take loan up to 35 million dollars for five years
Main Street Expanded Loan Facility: Can increase loan amount up to 300 million dollars
Main Street Priority Loan Facility: Five-year loan of up to 50 million dollars


To face the current economic challenges, the government has also released some other relief tools for small businesses are SBA Debt Relief, Employee Retention Credit, Payroll Tax Deferral, Community Advantage Recovery Loan Program. It will help people to face the current economic challenges. It will serve as a useful tool for businesses affected by COVID-19.