How to Find HR Manager’s Email Address

       April 18, 2023

HR Manager’s Email Address – How to Find It

       If you are a job seeker or an organization who wants to connect with a potential human resources client, making a connection with the HR head or manager can be a tedious task. Especially in today’s stream of online applications and activities the HR folks are inundated with, it will be difficult to grab their attention and make an impression. Do not despair, in this How To article, we will precisely outline what and how you can effectively find email addresses of the HR managers and how you can get it touch with them.

What’s the purpose behind finding a HR personnel’s email address?

How to Find HR Manager’s Email Address

       Even before we get into the concepts of finding the HR email address , we have to understand why we need to find them to begin with. Honestly, it is quite simple, calling the human resources dept of any company be it small or large, can be counterproductive. Because in most cases you will never be able to reach the right person. Hence, the best alternative and most effective approach would be finding the HR manager’s email address and reaching them out via email. You can be a job seeker who wants to submit a job application or a businessman who wants to start a conversation in relevance to your services or solutions, reaching the HR via email gives you a far bigger chance to get noticed.

Steps to finding the HR Manager’s Email Address

       Well, without any further ado, let us dive right in and explore the options:

How to Find HR Manager’s Email Address

Seek information from the company website

       As HR is one of the people facing departments of any organization and because they are entrusted with the responsibility of hiring and also, with propagating a positive image for the company, a hiring manager or a HR heads , contact information might be already available or listed on the company website under careers, or team profiles. So, this is a great starting point, even if their email address is not listed, this exercise will definitely help you in knowing the name of the concerned HR leader and this can come in handy in seeking their email address eventually by incorporating alternative methods.

Look for them on social media

       Everyone uses social media, and so do the HR managers, and they sure use professional social networks like LinkedIn. If you have the name of the HR manager , or if you have the name of the organization, you can do a simple search for them on the social networks. Connect with them, and send them a DM stating the reason why you want to send them an email. 9 times out of 10, they will respond and if your reason is genuine enough, they will share their email address too. Remember, your message needs to be polite, and specific.

Let’s not forget Google search

       I mean, literally google knows everything right? So, why overlook google? A basic search on google with normal search parameters, such as the first name and last name of the HR manager, might lead you to search results with their email address. But, be sure to use multiple search options. First name, last name plus company name plus email address; or first name, last name plus @company domain. Etc. chances are if they have published or uploaded any presentation, document, research paper or even a report, on any leading online platform out there, you will find it in the search results.

Reach their colleagues

       This is an age-old trick which applies to any context or any scenario. What would you do if you had to reach a relative or a friend, who is inaccessible? You try and reach some one else they might know. Use the same principle in this context as well. You can’t find the email address of a HR manager, try and find who they work with and see if you can get their information. Perhaps, they will be helpful and direct you to the HR. However, there is no guarantee this might work for sure, but it is worth a try.

Call the board line

       I know, we started off by saying this is a futile practice, but it is worth a shot. Look at it like this, what is the HR manager’s core responsibility? Hiring. So, if you have exhausted all your options, just pick up the phone, call the front desk and state that you seek the email address of the concerned HR manager to apply for a certain position in the company. I mean, chances are the front desk executive or receptionist might give you at least the email address for general HR communication, which can be used to establish a line of communication. If you are dealing with a large corporate, chances are the call might get transferred to the HR department and you might get to talk to some one from the team and they might give you the contact information of the HR manager you are looking for or they might even patch you through to the person, if that happens it is easier to create a case for yourself and ask for the email address to share the necessary information.

Get a HR Email address Database

       All the options mentioned above, are free to try and might or might not work, but let’s say you have a little money to spend and don’t mind the cost. Then I advise finding a credible B2B database service provider and just buy the HR email database. The advantage with this method is, it is fast and you will get access to plenty of HR email addresses without the time and effort you will have to put in if you are trying the above-mentioned alternatives. The only downside of course is it will cost you money, but a little spend will go a long way in saving you all the trouble. So, try doing that.

Simple tips to follow while emailing HR personnel

How to Find HR Manager’s Email Address

       We covered how to find email addresses of HR so now let’s just quickly look at how we need to communicate with them via email:

  Your email subject line should deliver the purpose of your email. Make it count.

  HR managers are busy people, it is important that your email is professionally crafted and concise and to the point.

  Don’t write an essay, the email should be specific and short.

  The email content should focus on establishing your credentials as much as the value you bring be it as a job seeker or a collaborator.

  Ask questions. Questions, which are relevant, this will help you create a line of communication.


       Whatever method you might choose, choose it based on your convenience and hopefully this quick How to article will help you make the appropriate choice. However, if you are pressed for time and want the fastest way to reach HR managers via email, you know what you need to do. Get a HR email data base, and this is exactly the area of our expertise. So, sent us an email or inquiry and we will be glad to help you out!