Top 10 Healthcare Data Providers & Companies in 2023

       August 1, 2023

Top 10 Healthcare Data Providers & Companies in 2023

       We are in the times of database service providers, in every nook and corner of the web. To simply put, the market is saturated beyond point. Now, does that apply to the healthcare data market? Of course, it is, look for healthcare data providers and you will find thousands of results online. But how do you know who is the best one? Well, I am sure we all get confused finding the best one. Let us help you sift through the garbage. But before we go into the details of the top 10 healthcare data providers of 2023, let us take a quick look at what makes a database provider a good database provider? Well, they should tick off on all the following:

       - Accuracy & Authenticity

       - Consistently updated

       - Data regulations Compliant

       - Focused & Targeted

      If your data providers don’t meet even one of the above criteria then you are working with some one who is not the best and you won’t get the necessary results. Especially a healthcare provider data model requirements need to be fulfilled. If your Data provider is not focused on data management in healthcare datasets then you won’t be able to target or enhance your campaign performance as per your needs.

Now let’s check out the top 10 healthcare data providers of 2023, from across the world.

1. Point To Business Services

       Point To Business Services is a India based company and is a reputed provider of healthcare data, and is a leader in doctor’s data, hospitals database, healthcare equipment database, and various other allied medical databases. Point to Business services is a leader in providing customers with actionable data intelligences across all healthcare sectors, the database includes all necessary contact information, critical details about key decision makers and an opportunity for customers to design tailored value offers to their targeted healthcare provider. The healthcare database at Point To Business Services is updated every few months to maintain authenticity and relevance. All the data is verified by the team of dedicated professionals here, and a customer persona is built to help any requirements the consumer might have. This healthcare database can be directly exported to any CRM or spreadsheet you might be

  • - Doctor Email List
  • - Hospital Email List
  • - Nurses Email List
  • - Pharmacist Email List
  • - Dermatologists Email List
  • - Urologist Email List
  • - Cardiologist Email List
  • - Pediatric Email List
  • - Neurologist Email List
  • - Radiologist Email List
  • - Gynecologist Email List
  • - General Practitioners Email List
  • - Mental Health Professionals Lists
  • - Ophthalmologist Email Lists
  • - Physiotherapists Email List
  • - Acupuncturist Email List
  • - Plastic Surgeons Email List
  • - Endocrinologist Email List
  • - Vascular Surgeon Email List
  • - Dentists Email Lists
  • - Chiropractors Email List
  • - Psychiatrist Email List



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       MedicoReach is a US based Database provider, and has been one of the leading healthcare database service providers since 2014. They are known to deliver accurate and actionable database in the healthcare sector and are well known to provide precise B2B records, they assist businesses in connecting with the right prospect via email, direct mail, and telemarketing efforts. The organization supports healthcare marketers in their data-driven marketing approach across the globe.

3. The Economist Intelligence Unit

      The Economist Intelligence Unit, is part of the Economist Group and is based out of United Kingdom. The company provides solutions that are data centric, market focused and delivers credible data for customers and healthcare marketers with comprehensive international and domestic surgical and medical equipment suppliers. They help organizations across the global healthcare sector with their research, consulting and clinical database expertise.

4. Definitive Healthcare

      Definitive Healthcare is a US based Database provider, who is well known for their healthcare commercial intelligence and are operational since the last 10 years. They specialize in helping clients uncover right market opportunities, so that they can impact the future of healthcare industry. They provide solutions across, biopharma, medical devices, healthcare providers etc.

5. Span Global Services

      The company identifies itself as a pioneer in data intelligence and data driven services. They provide healthcare marketers insightful and critical data to build their telemarketing, email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing and direct mail marketing campaigns. They have a credible source of client centric healthcare mailing database.

6. Lake B2B

      Lake B2B is a US based, leading B2B database service provider with a global footprint. They have been around for 15 years and are known to provide custom data sets. Apart from catering to multiple industries, they have healthcare and physician focused lead data. They have databases covering medical & Pharma buyers across locations.

8. MedicoLeads

      MedicoLeads has been around since 2016 and is well known for providing customized B2B healthcare data intelligence. They are focused on helping medical marketers, pharmaceutical suppliers, CME providers etc. reach the right audience and leverage campaign opportunities. They help customers in running data driven campaigns.

9. Top Healthcare Leads

      Top Healthcare Leads is a US based company in the business of providing relevant, authentic and responsive medical databases. They provide data bases of doctors to laboratories; nursing homes to super-specialty hospitals etc.

10. ZoomInfo Technologies

      ZoomInfo, is a reputed go to market platform that helps B2B businesses and marketers acquire new clients. Founded in 2007, the company provides data intelligence to a diversified industry landscape. They provide one of the most extensive healthcare datasets which can be used for marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaway

A Complete Guide to Creating a B2B Database

      The importance of an accurate healthcare database is tied in with aiding promotions, marketing campaigns and providing desired results for marketers. We are Point To Business Services provide segmented and customized healthcare database, which will help you find the right decision maker and drive your business growth. Our healthcare database will help you save time and money and will support you in creating a powerful campaign. We assure you that you will get the best healthcare database with us.