How to Pitch Retailers Through Email

       April 17, 2023

How to Pitch Retailers Through Email

       The art of pitching is very essential when reaching out to retail owners and small business owners. The critical aspect of reaching out or pitching a shop owner via email depends entirely on how you approach them, understanding their expectations and strategizing before hand on delivering an effective pitch. Retailers, are an exclusive breed! And if you are new to the game, then the best recommendation that we can offer to you us, starting with an email pitch. This is one of the most cost-effective options to reach out to retailers and small business owners. In this article, we will outline and guide you on how to do just that!

Advantages of Writing an Email to Retailers

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  As a newbie to the business of reaching retailers, or if you don’t have the resources to physically reach all your retailer landscape, pitching via email will be the most cost effective and easiest form of communication.

  With the right content and email campaign plan, the whole process doesn’t take much time to execute. Thus helping you will cutting down on laborious ways of implementing your sales strategy.

  An email pitch gives your prospective buyer a chance to evaluate your offer and services and will eventually give them the freedom to choose the most comfortable approach.

  There is no heavy expense angle to an email campaign, except time and strategy. So, it is easy on your marketing budget and works most of the time!

  Fantastic way of doing a quick introduction to what you can offer and how best you can offer your products or services, email pitches are the greatest ice breaker in the business sense of warming up a lead!

      Now, that you understand the limitless advantages of email pitches and how they work in your endeavor to reach retailers, let us move on to unravel the best practices that you need to have in place for an effective email pitch to reach retailers.

Brevity is the key

       Keep your email short and to the point. Too much information is unnecessary! As a retail owner, your prospective client doesn’t have the time to read through overwhelming information. So, keep the content to one or two paragraphs, and get them to engage with your email.

Connect with your prospect

       Do not write impersonal emails. Make an effort to build a bond with your prospective client. Your email should have a sense of personalization. A generic email will only evict a generic response. Know your client, know his or her name and show that you care while crafting your pitch! One of the other important aspects is mentioning the name of the store, or business to emphasize that you understand your client’s business and what they do.

Know what they do

       As mentioned in the earlier point, it is essential to establish to your prospect that you care! And one of the easiest ways of doing this is, by researching about their business, understanding about their products, services and solutions they offer and writing a pitch email, with references to them and how you can help them scale their business. Never, just write random content if you want to impress your retail shop owner! Outline, your plans in the most succinct way, so as to reaffirm how a collaboration with you can help them expand and reach new horizons!

Make conversation & ask questions

       If you write a self-absorbed email, with no scope for engagement then, be sure to fail miserably! Asking a question increases your chances of getting a reply! This encourages positive conversation and shows that you are genuinely involved in the process of building a relationship with them. You can try and ask one or two questions! And you can take things further from there.

Images & Grammar

       One of the fundamentals of email etiquette is to write emails, which make sense and are grammatical correct. Also, no one wants to read an email with improper spelling. So, be careful about your grammar and spell check before you hit send. It takes about a minute to do a spell check and read through your email before you send it out. Further, inclusion of well-designed images, which outlines your solutions or products is a good strategy to use in your email pitch. But be sure to keep the images low resolution and embedded within your email to capture any attention from your reader!

Send out your profile & enquiry forms

       As a business owner, I am sure you have your business profile and business catalogue ready? Well while sending out your email pitch to the retailer or small business owner, you can link them in the body of the email as a quick reference for your prospect. But, make sure to link them and not attach them to your email, sending out attachments might take your email to the junk or spam folder. The same strategy applies to your enquiry form, make sure to have a simple form, linked in the body of the email, so that your prospect can send you relevant information if interested.

Showcase value

       Finding an ideal customer is just the initial part of the process, while writing an email to the retailer or pitching them, it is critical that you showcase how your products or services can offer them value. If you have case studies or useful insights on how you have created benefit to customers who are similar to them, you can show them that. At the end of the day, everyone seeks growth while doing business and as a small business owner or a retailer, your prospective client is always in the pursuit of improving their business and increasing their revenue, so if your email outlines how you can help them achieve their goals then you stand a bigger chance of winning their business.

Create continuous opportunities

       Your email, firstly should evoke a response and that response should open up a follow up, the conversation needs to keep flowing. How to do that? By seeking an appointment! As mentioned earlier, get them to act on the email, engage them and the next big step with be to meet them to close the deal. A meeting, opens up a plethora of opportunities, it gives you a chance to demonstrate your solutions, and understand their needs better.


       Sending out email pitches are one of the easiest and greatest ways of reaching retailers, but it works if it is crafted appropriately. The key to this is understanding your customer and speaking them in a language which they relate to and understand. An email pitch is like a matchmaking expedition, all you need to focus on is matching what they want to what you can offer.

So, the next time you are planning on creating an email marketing strategy for retailers or small business owners, be sure to incorporate the best practices that we have discussed here, alternatively, you can always reach out to us, to help you plan an effective retailer outreach campaign! Have any questions? You can email us or ping us to start a conversation!