Meet, Connect, and Learn from influential peer leaders in the industry.

Executive Roundtables are effective peer group forums that provide access to information and expertise to assist you in addressing the industry's major concerns today. In intimate in-person and virtual sessions, you'll connect with industry experts and colleagues, gain exposure to ideas, trends, and new perspectives from within and outside the sector, and engage in honest debate and exchanges.

The EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLES are regional C-Suite forums where executives from middle market and major organisations discuss and contribute insight, perspective, and information in a unique, interactive, and professional context - our meetings have a cap on attendance. Our conferences cover topics such as innovation, leadership, digital transformation, change management, operations and finance, regional company growth, technology and cybersecurity, talent, corporate social responsibility, and more... Point To Business Services prepares each roundtable dialogue with the input and participation of the participating executives.

Point To Business Services Executive Roundtables are an ideal setting for a technology solution provider to have a structured peer knowledge exchange while building relationships with important prospects and nurturing existing clients.