How to Create visually appealing Emails

       June 27, 2023

Learn How to Create Visually Attractive Emails

       A good email is a great way to build customer engagement and nurture relationships. A well-crafted email has the ability to entice communication from your target audience and generate leads and build your sales pipeline. This applies to all industries or any form of content creator you might be. A good email campaign is the main attribute of your digital marketing strategy.

       An email is far better than random ads online or social media posts, because you are reaching your customer directly based on their choices of being on your email list. But everyone gets hundreds of emails every day. How do you differentiate yourself and stand out from your competition? One of the best ways to do that is by creating highly attractive emails, which are visually captivating. So, let’s try and understand how to create visually appealing emails in this article.

Why designing visually amazing emails is important?

Why designing visually amazing emails is important

      We have a tendency to process images or visual information faster than text. So, if your prospective email reader opens your email, chances are he will process the information faster, if your email is visually captivating. Email marketing depends entirely on understanding when to use plan text emails and when to send out HTML emails. When you are using emails as a platform to introduce your product or services it is advisable that visual content is utilized. Read on to understand how you can create visually appealing emails.



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Test with the color palette

       Use of color blocking and an amalgamation of gradients is a great way of putting together modern and professional looking emails. Keep the layout unique, and try to place content and action items to the center and top of the image, so that they get maximum focus.

Don’t miss out on animation

       A fun way of driving email engagement is by getting creative with GIF content pieces, with a clear message. Animation can be a memorable way of designing emails. They have the ability to capture the imaging of your customer in one go. Use neutral backgrounds, and remain focused on positioning your brand in the center. This will do the magic!

Segregate with color blocks

       Your messaging and your product highlight can be emphasized by using a color blocking style. A separation of both these aspects with use of two different colors can create a center stage for your product and at the same time differentiate between the information and the brand identity. This is a great way of creating a fabulous email.

Place color pops strategically

       A powerful email design is when you use pop of color, along with your product images, and place them in a hierarchical pattern. By doing this you are creating a sense of penetration and drawing visual focus with frames. Get creative and start with ideas which will appeal to your customer

Divide your text

       Don’t create clutter by keeping all your text together. A visually crowded email does not drive conversions. Be smart and break your text into blocks along with graphic icons, shapes, headers etc. balance it out and use spaces for visual appeal. Do not overwhelm your reader and communicate your message with clarity.

Work with a theme

       Every email design you create should have a theme. This will help you communicate with ease and stand out. Develop a theme which aligns with the content of your email. Use it in a subtle way, so that the reader realizes the essence of the email faster, and identifies with the messaging and acts on it.

Focus on inducing emotions

       The most basic form of connecting with your audience is by evoking emotions and the best designs are those which will generate an emotional response. Use content and image pieces which can make the reader happy, this will increase audience engagement drastically.

Place information horizontally

       Use email designs which are consistent and showcase importance to everything that is in the email. Dividing your information horizontally will give you the liberty of keeping it simple and at the same time the content does not overpower each other. The header and footer on each piece of horizontal placement will help your audience to consume the information with ease.

Make your images speak

       Designs should be strong and connect with your brand. Professionally taken photos and use of elaborate images in the design will create an aesthetic sense to your email and capture the reader’s imagination. Keep it legible and the overall design will complement your content.

Give prominence to your call to action

       A good example of a great email design is one which makes the reader act on your message. It is advisable that you place a prominent and single call to action in the design so that people don’t see any option but to interact. This is best when you are working with email designs which are about products in the retail segment.

Keep it simple and minimal

       Simplicity and minimalism are a great way to design your email. Keep your images, color palette everything simple. Use single images, stay monochromatic and use simple headings and fonts. A design doesn’t have to be gawdy and it can still be effective and connect with the reader.

Your fonts are important

       Your text can stand out if you use safe fonts, fonts that are supported by multiple devices and shows on all platforms. A safe font is a great way to remain relevant. Use fonts which match your design theme and layout too. Helps with ease of viewing.

Focus on simple messaging

       The number of elements that can be consumed by an average reader is just about two to three items. So, don’t overload with too many messaging pockets. Keep it light and distinguish the content pieces. Simple messages are read and consumed faster. So, incorporate this in your designing philosophy.

Key takeaway

Learn How to Create Visually Attractive Emails

      I hope these tips help you design better emails and hope that this will drive up your email engagement. Use these best practices and style your email design for a better out reach. For competent email campaigns you might need a good email database too! So, reach out to us for help in this area!