Top 5 Effective Partnership Email Templates for B2B Businesses

       July 27, 2023

5 Effective Partnership Email Templates for B2B Businesses

       B2B email campaigns can be difficult, sourcing a prospect takes a lot of time, understanding their needs takes even more time and coming up with something customized to their need takes a lot of work too.

       When eventually you do send them an email, there is no guarantee that you might get a response. Why? Because in today’s time and age, inboxes are filled with thousands of emails everyday and everybody is trying to sell something just as you are

       Don’t be disheartened, despite the odds majority of the buyers actually look forward to B2B emails which introduce them to new products or services. The key is to stand out and capture the attention of your buyer. You have to be relevant and engage them immediately.

       In today’s post, we will find out how we can leverage email templates to get the best deals and partnerships.

Best Practices to follow for effective B2B emails

Best Practices to follow for effective B2B emails

       1. Make your subject lines stand out: Write a strong subject line, keep it short, focus on building interest and curiosity.

       2. Keep the email short and simple: Better to have emails which are no more than 100 words. Respect the receiver’s time. Short and to the point will get you the attention you need.

       3. Get personal: Don’t start with random words, and stop being generic, use the person’s first name. connect with your prospect by talking about what interests them.

       4. Use Short paragraphs & sentences: People usually scan content before reading it. So make it easier for people to scan and consume content by keeping the sentences and paragraphs short.

       5. Don’t complicate your CTA: Just keep your CTA simple, the more options you give the complicated it tends to get. Bring your messaging down to one single point.

       6. Spell check before send: The most unprofessional thing that one can do is sending out an email without proofreading and content being grammatically wrong as well as filled with bad spelling.

       So, now let’s get into the types of email templates that can help you with effective B2B business growth.



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1. New Business Partnership Email Template

       Always try to follow the below formula for a good new business or B2B cold email template.

Focus on the, problem, aggravate it and then explain the outcomes diving into giving a solution for the problem. Always works.

Here is the template:

Hi [First Name],

Does your [lead’s company] struggle from [challenging problem]?

It’s a tough situation to overcome, and something most [companies in your lead’s industry] struggle from. And it can cost [statistics and facts on how big the underlying problem is].

Our [product/service] helps you avoid this with [benefit /short pitch].

I’d love to show you more. Are you open to a call or a meeting at [date and time] next week?

[Email Signature]

2.Brand Partnership Email Template

       B2B businesses thrive on collaborations and building a mutually beneficial relationship is essential sometimes. Brand partnership email templates are essential and critical while approaching a prospect with a request to forge a business relationship, either to promote your own product or services or even leverage marketing capabilities for a better future.

Below is a sample collaboration email template:

Hi [name],

I’m [name] from [company name]. I’ve followed your growth since a while.

Your recent content that you posted [write one or a few topics] resonates with me, and I thought it was something our company's audience would appreciate, and I reshared it with our subscribers.

I want to discuss [topic] and see if we can work on a mutually beneficial project together.

We can set up a phone call at your convenience if you’re interested in discussing starting a collaboration that adds value to our audiences.

[Email Signature]

3. Content Partnership Email Template

      A content partnership or a curating collaboration email template is a good fit for any business which is wanting to enhance the quality of their content and bring in some content influencer’s outlook to benefit their own content. This type of collaboration usually helps your audience to gain perspective from a different individual’s point of view. So let’s look at how we can write an excellent email to garner support and win collaboration.

Hi [name],

We would love to feature your work on our blog.

We are writing about an expert advice piece on [topic], and we are reaching out to industry leaders and experts. We think your input would be invaluable. We are also keen on crediting your blog/channel in the post for some valued exposure.

This is what we want to know for our content piece:

[Insert question(s).]

We understand that you must be swamped and possibly get multiple requests for guest features, but we are confident that this post will garner broader exposure and we would appreciate it if we have your input. If you are interested, do get back to us within the next few days.

[Email Signature]

4. The Follow Up Email Template

      Everyone writes about getting in touch with people and there are plenty of templates for that. But what happens once you send out the first email? We need to follow up, right? So, let’s see if you have already reached out for some sort of collaboration and you haven’t heard anything from them yet, then you should send one more follow up email. This email should provide a little more information and maybe emphasize of the benefits that the receiver stands to gain.

Here's the template:

Hi [name],

I’m [name] from [company name]. I sent you an email [time when email was sent] that I think could benefit us if we collaborated. I’ve come across your work and enjoyed it [maybe mention one particular project].

I thought you would be interested in collaborating for this project as we felt that [give reasons]. I’d love to hear your take if interested and figure out how to take things forward.

Here are some successful projects we I have delivered: [link to projects].

Let me know if you want to work something out or call me on [phone number] during [specify time].

[Email Signature]

5. Non-Profit Partnership Email Template

       The most important aspect of a non-profit email usually is to raise funds, and email remains the easiest way to raise awareness about a charity and a particular cause. So, how do you write an effective and persuasive fund-raising email? Let’s get right into the email template, which can be used for non-profit partnerships and fund raising.

Hi [insert name],

I am currently working with [ Name of Nonprofit] and fundraising to [insert reason why you’re fundraising], and I could really use the help of local businesses like yours. [Summarize why it is important and how it helps the local community].

So far, the community has raised [insert amount] toward our fundraising goal—but we still have a lot of work to do. That’s where your business can help us.

Would you be interested in joining me on our fundraising journey by making a contribution to our cause? A gift of any amount can make a difference.

To donate, simply click the link to below:

[Insert link to fundraiser]

If you wish to know more about the nonprofit or the fundraiser, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

[Email Signature]


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      Combine your own research and the best practices with these templates and see how your B2B email campaign marketing will become easier. Just incorporating these templates, will help you save time and money and will help you start communicating with your prospects effectively.