Email Appending Services

We live in the age of instantaneous long distance communications via the internet and the web has become one of our most critical marketing tool. Email plays a huge role in the life of the modern day marketer, serving as a cost effective medium for communication and marketing.

Now imagine you have a comprehensive customer database of postal information, but you now want to expand your marketing operations into email. Are you going to have to build up a new list of customer email addresses from scratch? Not without P2B services working for you.

With Point To Business Servicesemail appending services you're saved the hassle of having to manually track down individual email ids. Plus, our auto opt-out options guarantee you a permission-based corporate email database that is outstanding in terms of accuracy.

High security data protection: By overhauling our entire database every 90 days, we ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck along with superior deliverability!

With Point To Business ServicesEmail Appending You Can:

  280 million consumer and business records in our master database
  100% deliverable
  100% permission-based
  Verified every 90 days
  High match rates
  Performance-based pricing
  6 stage verification process
  Professional follow up services

When you choose to work with P2B services, you receive the freshest and most accurate prospects that send your ROI sky-rocketing!

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