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Virtual Executive Roundtable

Innovation has become the new battleground for today’s top companies. But finding great ideas, choosing which to invest in, getting them to market quickly and optimizing them over time is far from easy. Most companies can’t tell you whether or not their product functions are delivering a proper return on investment. Lacking this visibility, how can you strategically invest in new product development without being concerned about stifling top-line revenue growth?

As we continue moving towards an “anything-as-a service” economy that delivers on customer expectations, a big part of revenue hinges on not only your products’ success, but also the success of its embedded software. Managing these product and service lineups requires you to have a holistic and connected view from innovation throughout your supply chain. “Because manufacturers can continuously monitor products in use, they can update their products, patch problems, and rethink functionality—all of which improves customer satisfaction. The intelligence from smart, connected products can also inform future product features and new product development. We are all familiar with automatic app updates on our phones, giving us access to new features or fixing problems over the air. Smart, connected products can update themselves in the same way.” - Shreenivasa Chakravarti, Global Head, Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation, Tata Consultancy Services

Register today to join us on Thursday, 24th of February, 11:00 AM CAT / 12:00 PM EAT and hear from business leaders and supply chain expert about how supply chain leaders can gain need speed and flexibility to make faster decisions and respond to change, visibility and control across their value chains—from planning to execution—and advanced technology to drive process efficiencies and deliver an effortless customer experience.

Who should attend?

  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • VPs of Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Head of Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Chief Logistics Officer
  • Head of Logistics
  • Head of Warehouse
  • Warehouse Director
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Manufacturing & Operations Managers

Meeting Agenda

11:00 AM CAT / 12:00 PM EAT
Welcome and Introduction
11:05 AM CAT / 12:05 PM EAT
Keynote: Supply Chain Management Trends in a Post Pandemic World
11:15 AM CAT / 12:15 PM EAT
Business Leaders Viewpoint: Emerging Technologies Transforming Supply Chain Management in the New Normal
12:10 PM CAT / 01:10 PM EAT
Q & A and Closing

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