Revolution of email marketing

Revolution of email marketing:

Let's look at how email marketing has developed from its beginnings to the present day and what to anticipate for the upcoming years in this post.

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1 What is Email Marketing?

The act of sending a commercial message via email, usually to a group of people, is known as email marketing. Every email that is sent to a client, whether present or prospective, might be regarded as email marketing in the broadest sense.

2 When it Started?

                1 Ray Tomlinson was the first one to send an email in 1971 In 1978, Gary Thuerk created the first-ever campaign sending 400 emails via Arpanet.

                1In 2003 the Can-Spam Law was introduced in the US setting the first regulations for commercial emails which created a standard for sending commercial emails.

                1In 2009, responsive emails are introduced. Now it is easy for marketers to transfer their message from one device to another, enabling users to have access and read their emails from everywhere.

                1 By 2012, over 40% of marketing emails were opened on a mobile device. With so much emphasis put on consumers reading emails through a mobile, marketers were forced to think about how their emails rendered on a phone.