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Machhour Jeryess

Business Development Supply chain Strategy Leader


Machhour is a Business Development Supply chain Strategy Leader (ECEMEA) East Central Europe, Middle East and Africa operations, joined oracle 16 years back as an Applications sales Consultant for the Middle East and Africa region, focusing on the Financials and Supply Chain Management Stream.

Machhour holds a Masters Degree (MBA) in Finance from the Lebanese American University L.A.U. as well as a bachelor degree from excelsior college state of New York.
As a Supply Chain acknowledged expert, Machhour has a proven track record of superior customer satisfaction and sales results. He has worked as a product specialist more than a generalist. For him it was a personal drive to know his product area to the best possible deepness. Nevertheless he has never forgotten to focus on “the complete picture” and therefore built a proven knowledge in the surrounding areas. It was always easy for him to successfully demonstrate and explain an entire business flow to customers.

Machhour is a very positive and open person with a strong leadership attitude, coaching, and team building abilities. He has a proven successful entrepreneurial work approach with strong execution skills. A creative competitive thinking with a strong will to learn till reaching perfection in his competencies. He is a result oriented person and can motivate himself and others to achieve the desired outcome. The entire stated above are his key ingredients for being successful and be a role model for the rest of his team.

Machhour has for some time been the outstanding sales consultant in terms of securing Applications business in the Region, and is widely recognized in this role not only by his pre-sales and sales colleagues but also by senior management in the Region business. He has been the key sales consultant in securing large application led competitive wins maintained / regained customers who were replacing Oracle with competition.
Machhour is known of his ability of continuous learning and research to keep himself updated of the overall market and trends as well as how Information Technology enables businesses to achieve operation excellence and competitive advantages in their respective industries. This helps Machhour to be on top of any new CLOUD trends and position Oracle Solutions to help Oracle Customers in Middle East and Africa to look at Oracle as strategic enabler in corresponding areas to implement industry best-practices.

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